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Thursday, 20 June 2013

/ food / coffeeshop review / Burgers Bakery

I went for a late breakfast with a good old chum of mine, but while she was off trying to work out where to pay for parking, I made a small friend. He seemed quite determined to roll all around the place.

We decided to head to a little tearoom at the bottom of the highstreet called Burgers (pronounced Bergers, rather than the burger in a bun, rhymes with urge[r]s).

The weather can't seem to make its mind up - it's so hot and muggy!

I went for English Breakfast (£2.25)
She went for green tea (£2.25)
We both went for wholemeal toast (their own bread) with strawberry jam. 

You have to choose between white, wholemeal or granary with either marmalade or jam. Decisions. (£2.50)

I really love Burgers, the staff are really friendly, but service can sometimes be a little slow (when it's busy). It's a proper little tearoom, and smells gorgeous - courtesy of the freshly baked breads. 

If you are ever in the Marlow area I strongly recommend a visit - even if its just for a cake (or two!).


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