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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

/ food / coffee shop review / Waitrose

Today, my dad, boyfriend and I took a trip to Waitrose. Not only did we shop til we dropped, but we stopped off at the Cafe upstairs and had ourselves a cuppa (or two). 

I don't know if you have heard, but if you have a 'myWaitrose' card you are entitled to one free tea or coffee every day. My dad loves this deal because it means he can 'keep us quiet' for less of the money. The thing I love most about this tiny cafe is the ability to people watch, from the balcony you can see everyone doing their thing. I would happily sit there all day.

Whilst I was content with my tea, the boys pushed the boat out and went for some sweet treats - my dad a Danish Fruit Bears Claw and the boyf a chocolate muffin.

His review of the pastry was a short but sweet 'good', but from what I can gather he enjoyed it sufficiently to wolf it down. 

My man put this muffin down as 'nothing amazing' but I think it did the job - anything accompanied by a free tea/coffee would never taste all too bad.

I absolutely adore their tea pots / mugs. Am currently browsing the internet for something similar - help!


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