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Saturday, 15 June 2013

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Today was a bit of a cooking frenzy. I made breakfast for my boyfriend (who is still here), then lunch, before being instructed by my dad that he would quite like both toad in the hole and a tarte tatin for dessert. 

150g caster sugar
120g butter
Vanilla extract
10 golden delicious apples
500g puff pastry
An oven-proof circular pan
An oven, preheated to 180C/ 350F /Gas Mark 4

Now what?
Melt the butter and sugar together in the pan, along with the vanilla extract. Cook until it forms a light caramel (it's really hot so be careful). Althought most caramel cooking states never to stir it for fear of crystallisation, don't fret - this recipe saves itself! I should know, I often get impatient. Whilst the caramel is turning brown, peel, quarter and core all the apples.

The apple pieces need then to be arranged in the caramel in a regular pattern, try and keep it one apple deep. As you can see below I started off well... but that's where it all went a bit wrong.

Let the mixture of apple and caramel simmer for 12 minutes, before putting the pastry over the top.

This all goes in the oven for around 25 minutes, until the pastry is nice and crisp.


You'll find the tarte tatin gets a tad tricky. Nothing too complicated, just requires a little bit of skill and confidence.You need to remove it from the oven and allow it to cool. Then simply place a dish over the top and flip it over. Simple! (good luck!).

Enjoy the tart warm or chilled, especially with a good dollop of cream or icecream.

Seriously, I recommend this bad boy,

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