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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

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Hi chaps,

Before you read this - it might be worth checking out my fitness history!

I waited this long (as in, to finish) to write a review purely because I was so skeptical.
Let's be honest, we've all started these 'exercise videos' in the hope they offer the magic spell and turn us into fitness buffs, and haven't even gotten close to the desired results. The Insanity workout seems to have some stigma for those in the know, so here's my breakdown of the process...

my calender - daunting huh!

What is it?
A 60 day workout that will transform your body and mind.

I thoroughly researched Insanity. I spent a lot of time googling reviews and different bloggers opinions to see just what I was letting myself in for. There's an intro video which gently reminds you to not undertake the sessions lightly and to look after yourself throughout.

Week 1
Week 1 started with a fit test, and introduced you to the workouts. It's a baptism by fire, you don't get eased in. That's fine though, hit the ground running and ache (my motto for the past 60 days). Even the recovery day is tough, it burns. You kind of develop a quiet appreciation for Shaun T and his gang of workout buddies, its encouraging to see them struggle too (they always take breaks and look about to collapse). I just look red. By Sunday you've definitely earned that rest day.

Seriously though, you'll be sick in the first week.

Week 2
My body was not about to forgive me for the previous week, and the first few days were really hard to settle. That's the problem with interval training, I find I can push myself too hard and then just blow up. By wednesday I think I'd developed a balance and had already decided which of the workouts I did not enjoy (nearly all of them). My bum had begun to tone up however, as had my abs. I was also eating a lot more but still leaning up. Promising start!

But seriously, still feeling sick.

Week 3
This week was a good one. Second fit test of the workout, I had managed to improve on everything! Throughout, I could kind of push through the workouts, but not  quite complete them - such an improvement fitness-wise already. I established a routine - never before have i paid so much attention to the actual time I was eating dinner.

Week 4
Whoah, my body was not ready for this week. Knackered and aching. That feeling where it's tired into your bones - my muscles genuinely needed the rest before this one and were crying out for it on the distant Sunday. Every day it took a lot of mental strength to push through, and I'll be honest and say that they weren't the best quality either.

Week 5
Supposedly called the 'recovery week' it was just 6 days of the same workout. There were some really tough bits (spoilers) and some not so tough bits. I'm not sure how it made me feel, but definitely fitter! It was nice to mix things up, even if it hurt a little bit.

Week 6
I can't say much for this week only that it was a shock to the system. The new workouts were insane. They were a lot longer (a whole extra circuit) and the moves more complicated. I guess they're called 'max' for a reason.

Week 7
Hmmm. I hurt. Revision meant that my diet had taken a turn for the worse, but even so my abs were still nice and toned - as was pretty much else - just covered in a little layer of what I like to call 'flab'.

Week 8
This week was deadline week. I was quite stressed, but having an hour every day to workout and not worry was a slight relief. The workouts felt very long however and I spent a lot of time looking at the clock. I think that's mainly through fear of the impending essay due dates.

Week 9
I was at home this week, so eating and sleeping a lot better (and stress levels massively down). I went to the gym twice with my dad and the scores on the screen were a whole new level above what I normally did. Final fit test was on Sunday (Fathers day) and as you can  below I almost beat everything (almost!).

Overall, I think this workout is really well set. If you are someone who has done some exercise in the past and are not afraid of pushing yourself very hard - this will be right up your street. It didn't get boring, just required some time management to fit it in every day (plus the recovery shower and compulsory sit down). I'm looking forwards to doing it again, now that I know what to expect. This time my main goal was to improve fitness, but in the future I may explore the weight loss side of things - it shouldn't be too hard.

A word of warning, if you have not done regular exercise for a while, work your way up to this workout. In all seriousness, I'm not calling myself a super fitness buff but I have been a regular gym go-er and have a basic level of core strength. I couldn't quite believe it yesterday when I jumped on the treadmill and ran for the best part of an hour - a shocking improvement! I'm one of those people who is not made to run, so even ten minutes can be a slight challenge.

If you have the money, and are looking for a home workout that is never easy - do it. But don't buy into this if you're going to be half hearted.

Dig deep people.


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