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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

/ fathers day / afternoon tea

Fathers day 

I bought my dad the usual - a card and a big bag of pear drops (his favourite). I then made him a bacon sandwich before we hit the gym.

Following working out, we then had to decide on what to have as a Sunday lunch. My dad can be a little demanding when asked 'what do you want to eat', and today being Father's Day the answer had to be yes. The list began with lemon drizzle cake, my sisters lemon shortbread and scones. I stated in a recent post that I wanted to produce my own afternoon tea service, but didn't anticipate it to  be so soon.With the menu pretty much established we trawled the supermarket for our list of ingredients - our little gang makes quite a sight on a Sunday morning.

So  below  is the success of my to do list...

- Make my own jam: I did try to find the right fruit for today, I promise, but we had to settle with a Bonne Maman Strawberry and Wild Strawberry conserve. It's still on my to do list!
- Make a batch of scones: Delia Smith has a lovely recipe, one we have used numerous times.... just not this time - too tired from lifting weights

- Make traditional sandwiches: I did this. For various reasons my family is quite fussy, so only the ham sandwiches and salmon and cream cheese rolls made it through the vigorous selection process... I'll turn them into foodies one day! I also threw in some honey and mustard cocktail sausages to fill some tummies.

- Provide an assortment of cakes and biscuits: see, my sister and I had that covered too!

for the recipes: lemon cake or the shortbread

- Lemonade: Ame/Schloer will do. We mixed a couple of flavours together to really make it bubble.

Overall the spread looked like this. I would have included an 'after' picture but there was nothing left - you'll have to make do with the before!

Yummy! This type of food makes me so happy.

We ate out in our little 'hut' enjoy the relative warmth of the afternoon, and chatted over a few rounds of cuppa's and chocolates. I think my dad appreciated the effort!


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