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Friday, 21 June 2013

/ day 21 / 30 day snap

Day 21 - unashamedly uncool

We have a tradition. It all started because two of my closest friends from secondary school and I once spent an entire day locked inside playing a Lord of the Rings gamecube game (please don't judge me, they were playing, I was watching). We enjoyed it thoroughly. It then happened once a week for the rest of summer and I have to admit that secretly it was great.

Future attempts to recreate this event fell flat - we needed to find a replacement. A few days ago one of them suggested the online version of the game, in which you can connect any number of accounts and play as a group. I was a little apprehensive. It wasn't really my thing.

 Sitting watching the boys Gamecube-ing it 1P is almost acceptable, but actually being a player changed the game. The boyfriend and my other two friends pretty much carried me through and offered wise words of support. I disappeared for a few hours to make everyone food, but we spend most of the day doing 'quests'.

Yeah. I guess we had fun ;). Kind of?

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