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Monday, 17 June 2013

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Did anyone else jump at the chance to get their free moisturiser with the March issue of Cosmopolitan? I almost bought two! It's taken a while to get round to trying it out, I seem to have an abundance of half empty beauty products at the moment!

Personally (now I know this will sound awful for some of you) I find it hard to differentiate between the majority of facial moisturisers. This is not through want of trying - I just put it on my face after toner, most of the time I'll think 'that's refreshing', before slapping on my foundation. It's not exactly riveting!There are a few which stand out - or at least enough so that I remember their brand and hopefully pick a similar one next time. 

The claims (as provided by they, themselves)
To control the shine of oily skin
Reduce T-zone finish and maintain a matte finish for up to 8 hours
Promote cell renewal, hydrate and protect all day long
Reduce redness, inflammation and minimise blemish imperfections

The reality (as provided by yours truly)
Lets get down to it. The moisturiser is specifically formulated for oily and blemish prone skin, of which I have neither. However, I still prefer my moisturiser to not leave my face looking shiny nor amplify the dreaded T zone when it flares up, and I believe that Elemis accomplished this. Coupled with wearing a reduced amount of make-up, I my skin has definitely cleared up in the short period I have been using the product.

The smell is citrusy, but with undertones of something medicinal. I weirdly like it - but some people would definitely not, depends how much you care on its fragrance. 

Available from most large retailers for £20, it is far from cheap, but if you need this kind of specialist love and care for you skin, I'd recommend! I'm going to be trying out a few more brands - but will be keeping this on my wish list!


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