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Saturday, 25 May 2013

| summer is here?

Hi chaps,

Last Friday I flew down to Heathrow from Newcastle to visit my family and attend to events which required my presence. Given that it was freezing up here I packed a lot of jumpers and long sleeves. Rookie. It was actually more like a different season down south.

For me, summer is synonymous with rowing, and all associated activities. This means long days, early mornings, road trips, river water and long pauses. It's how we've been brought up, and I still struggle to lie in on Sundays. So I was home ,in part, for a race run by my dad which occurred on both Saturday and Sunday (it's actually quite a big deal), and we were up at 6 on both days. You can see in the photo that no one looks too impressed. 
I really am photogenic. 
However, spending a day on a sunny river, despite wearing totally inappropriate clothing, was beautiful. 


The whole week at home was really nice actually. The weather was perfect given the poor luck we've had as of late. Going from where it's been solid 'drear' to actual sun was a lovely change. Plus, given it's mid revision period and stress levels are running at an all time high I felt almost on holiday!

This little chap was having so much fun running around.
This will be our first proper summer in the new house, my 21st among other things. The garden isn't too bad, it's not quite as big as our old one but I think my dad will be able to manage it better and the little hut (on the right) is perfect for entertaining.

We were all quite busy in the garden. Things to do people.
We still need to buy some garden furniture for the decking. At the moment it's just quite spacious.

Eating dinner with the doors open was divine. In all honesty the above photos sum up my time at home as I relished in not having to do anything. I didn't really want to leave for Newcastle, but on Thursday morning I was up for the ridiculously early flight. Read more about that day here. Sorry my posts are a little out of order.


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