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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

| please may we go to the zoo?

At Christmas (wait for it) my boyfriends best friend decided to fulfill one of my life's wishes and take me to see a Hippo. What a guy. It just so happened the day he chose was the 27th December. A popular day for zoo trips. 

We left at a reasonable time, noting the atrocious weather, and arrived to an almost empty car park. My shoes were so inappropriate. 

The animals were having such fun in the mud.  Especially the sun bear - he wouldn't lie still.

I felt kind of bad for the penguins. I know in the wild they deal with ice cold temperatures, but here in England the summer gets rather toasty and surely they get used to that? 

A moose!

He just looked so pleased with himself. 
The man himself who made it happen.

I shall explain why I didn't get a better picture of the hippo. She was a little too busy splashing around in the murky pool to be disturbed, and when I tried to get her attention she jumped straight back in. Some celebs just don't like to be papped. 

If anyone wants to take me back in the summer - we can have a picnic and pimms - much appreciated!
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