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Friday, 31 May 2013

| food | review | Olive and Bean

I just want to start by saying this is probably my favourite coffee shop - if you want to treat me, take me here. Described as the 'best coffee shop, deli and cafe in Newcastle' Olive and Bean does not disappoint, and I have been there many times.

Personally, we go there for the cakes.There's always a huge selection and the slices are huge - not only is it amazing value, but you will genuinely never have tasted anything so rich and delicious. My only criticism today was that they had run out of the caramel slice (I'd been craving it) and we had to choose something else.

The cafe is split over two floors, downstairs is where most of the magic happens, upstairs most of the seating. They sell a lot of 'interesting' coffees, teas, jams, chutneys and drinks - I was ogling for quite a while!

don't you just want to try them all?
The boyfriend and I had to wait for seating (so much demand you see), but eventually were able to place an order. I went for a hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream, he a cappuccino and oreo tiffin (my intention being to eat half obviously!!).

My hot chocolate was amazing, and having a couple of mouthfuls of tiffin satiated all desire for anything sweet. He almost finished all of that slab, before asking for a box to take the remainder home (student!). The only downside of Olive and Bean is the cost of the food food. It is really tasty, but a little on the steep side - it has to be a truly special occasion!

What a way to celebrate the end of my second first year at University, it was then off to the pub... ;)
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